Tish Owen starting writing stories as soon as she could hold a crayon in her chubby fingers. Her first two books, Chasing the Rainbow and Spell It Correctly are how-to books, her newest book, A Death On Sunday is a murder mystery infused with her wit and Southern charm and dead people.

        Tish is an ole Southern girl, born and bred by her very Southern mother, a Yankee father and his Irish mother. She grew up Catholic, and in the South that was a rarity. Tish spent most of her childhood running in the woods and playing make believe - a good foundation for a writer. Because of her upbringing, she has a bit of a different take on the world and how things work. Tish is blunt, funny, hard-working, sarcastic, irreverent, opinionated, polite to her elders, expects children to behave, likes dogs, cats, horses, turtles and birds - isn't such a fan of snakes. She lives in Nashville with her husband, her ninty-seven-year-old mother, a Teddy Roosevelt rat terrier, two indoor cats, lots of outdoor cats and an African Grey parrot.

        Step into Tish's world and get ready for an interesting ride...
Tish Owen
     "Updated Honey West P.I. noir with an otherworldly twist. Don't wait for summer or any other season for that matter - add this book to your
     reading list right now!"

     -M.R. Sellars
     Author of the best selling S.A. Constance Mandalay and Rowen Gant Investigations novels

Spot-on Southernese mixed with a crackling mystery and touches of the supernatural.  These are folks you'll want to visit again.
     --Alex Bledsoe
     Author of The Hum and the Shiver

"No one spins a tale like Tish Owen!  Who else could mix up such a delectable dish of  small town scandal and nail-biting suspense, season it with just the
     right amount of Southern humor, and serve it up with characters so real that you want to pick up the phone and invite them over for supper?  A Death on
     Sunday is the must-read of the summer!"

     -Dorothy Morrison
     Author of Lucinda's Web and Utterly Wicked
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