When trouble comes knocking, Tessely Anne Marie Maher          invites it in without a second thought...

        On a lovely spring day, violence intrudes on Tess Maher's world, her best         friend, running buddy and possible soul-mate, Chick Donnelly, is shot and         killed practically right before her eyes. At first glance, his death appears to         be a hunting accident, but she and her brother, the county sheriff, quickly         rule that out. Tess is all but certain that Chick is the victim of foul play. As         she investigates the crime, she is plunged into a world of murder, greed,         betrayal and terror - all of which eventually makes her a target as she works to bring the killer to justice.

        But what the person who took Chick's life doesn't know is exactly who he's         dealing with: a pissed off, grief stricken, gun-toting woman who is described         by her won mother as tenacious as a pit bull with a bone. And that doesn't         even count the fact that she has a peculiar habit of talking to the dead.

        Really big trouble is knocking on the killer's door, and her name is         Tess...
Tish Owen
     "Updated Honey West P.I. noir with an otherworldly twist. Don't wait for summer or any other season for that matter - add this book to your
     reading list right now!"

     -M.R. Sellars
     Author of the best selling S.A. Constance Mandalay and Rowen Gant Investigations novels

Spot-on Southernese mixed with a crackling mystery and touches of the supernatural.  These are folks you'll want to visit again.
     --Alex Bledsoe
     Author of The Hum and the Shiver

"No one spins a tale like Tish Owen!  Who else could mix up such a delectable dish of  small town scandal and nail-biting suspense, season it with just the
     right amount of Southern humor, and serve it up with characters so real that you want to pick up the phone and invite them over for supper?  A Death on
     Sunday is the must-read of the summer!"

     -Dorothy Morrison
     Author of Lucinda's Web and Utterly Wicked

"I enjoyed this book. The plot was solid - which is to say, interesting and believable. The style was consistent; I laughed, I cried. I found myself reading through even my favorite television shows, which doesn't happen often. Characterization was good, neither the paranormal bits nor the Southernisms are overwhelming, and near as I can tell, such technical details as are included are correct. It's a great light read."
-Ashleen O'Gaea
Author of Family Wicca

A Death on Sunday by Tish Owen is a mystery/suspense read that has a lot of positive things going for it. It is funny, sad, suspenseful and has paranormal elements.

Tess is a private investigator who has a close-knit family. On a Sunday afternoon while enjoying time with that family, a gunshot breaks the peaceful afternoon and when she investigates, she finds her best friend shot dead. She and her brother, the county sheriff, do not think it is a hunting accident. They do not know why anyone would want Chick, the victim, dead but they intend to find out.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation send two field officers to investigate the murder. Agent Lyle, the female field officer, takes an instant dislike to Tess, and the feeling is mutual. While ineffectually investigating the shooting, the two officers decide that Tess shot Chick because of drug dealings that they were involved in. Instead of looking for the real killer, they are spending all their time building a case against Tess. To say that Tess is angry about that would be an understatement. Tess and her family must work even harder to find the real killer to clear Tess's name and get justice for Chick.
The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very descriptive when writing and this allowed me to really picture the action as it was unfolding. Much of the time I felt like I was right there, almost being able to taste the food and smell the fragrances. I really enjoy that when I am reading.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is the characters and their development. They felt like they were real people to me and the book had a southern charm to it that seemed authentic. I especially enjoyed Tess. She is spunky and stubborn and quick witted and tenacious. There are parts in the book where she prays to St. Anthony and St. Jude to help her out. This made me laugh out loud because it reminded me so much of my brother, who calls on St. Anthony often. I feel like the characters are people I already know or would like to get to know better.

I think the book is well written and the plot very well thought out. I enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the book (Tess can see and talk to ghosts) but I wish that there had been a little more of it in the book. That is probably because that is one of my favorite types of books to read. She spends a little time talking to Chick but it is really a very small percentage of the book. Hopefully there will be more books about Tess written and that will be developed further.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted mystery/ suspense book. I believe this is the first fiction book that Tish Owen has written and I am truly impressed with her debut novel. I am looking forward to reading more of her work when it is available.

-Brought to you by Open Book Society reviewer Jerjen

   GREAT READ! ~ Tish Owen grips you from the very beginning! Like any good storyteller she paints a portrait so vivid, you immediately get lost in the pages and cannot wait to see what happens next! A journey you won't soon forget! Aperfect addition to anyone's library!
-Rich Russell

Overwhelming Southern Charm ~ There are few opportunities I get to read a "homegrown" novel. Death on a Sunday has taken the cake on the type of novel that gets me going. The third book written by Tish Owen, this is her first fictional work. She's not only shown that she can create a how-to book and spellbook, but Tish has made it clear that she can write attention grabbing fiction.
Having heard Tish speak on multiple occasions, it wasn't hard for me to hear her as I read. It was like listening to a story my grandmother would tell me as I sat at the foot of her bed. There was that Southern charm in the way it was told that's so hard to capture in written form. She makes it look so easy.
I will admit that it was a bit tough to get into the novel at the beginning. It started off with so much detail. Almost everything that is talked about is heavily described, but it added to the atmosphere. I felt that sense of being where the character was. I could almost smell the house from the descriptions this author had given. I was drawn back to the days reading George R.R. Martin's novels and the pages of meal dileneation.
As the book went on I was put through so much emotion with the main character, Tess. I personally reminded of my family in some of the conversations she has. There's just something about family and friends in the South that most people don't understand, but Tish put into words what I never thought I could say. And the moments where you're slammed with a new plot point or scenario, you learn as you read to relax as Tish gives better explanations a few pages later.
For a first fiction novel, Tish Owen does not disappoint. I was drawn in and held tight with each chapter. It's different to read about an area that I've called home in a book and it be told so accurately. The plot keeps you guessing and you keep cheering Tess on. I'm very glad and grateful I had the chance to read this novel. It's a definite staple on my bookshelf.

-  Green Egg Magazine Aradia Lecrawe

Murder Southern-style with a Side Order of Charm ~ If you like murder mysteries with quirky protagonists set in the south, this the book for you. As her first work of fiction, the writing is solid, and Owen does a good job of capturing the culture and feel of life in the mid-south. Owen incorporates a supernatural angle into her lead character, Tess, that is interesting and adds an extra dimension of depth. The story itself reads easy and is interspersed with humour and fast moving scenes that will have you holding your breath. Buy a copy, you won't be disappointed.
- M. A. Bustamonte

A great read, interesting, entertaining and hard to put down. Enjoyable to the end! Way to go Tish......ready for the next book. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
-L. Johnson

This book is a gem. It weaves a story around a murder mystery while maintaining a sense of humor and drawing a believable picture of life in a small southern town. The main character: Tis Tis, her best friend Mars, and brother Connell are easy to like, complex, and left me wanting more. In fact, I want more in the form of a sequel or series that will continue to weave stories around these characters and the others that join them in this colorful family. My fav is Ya Ya. I want to know more about this feisty grandma. Good work Tish (any relation to Tis Tis?). More please:)

A great read, I couldn't put it down! Never a dull moment. Characters reminded me of so many people I grew up with.
-Kevin P. Keller

Once again Tish Owen has done it with another book. A must read. She really has it together. Excellent author. I'm ready for the next one. Bring it on!
-Deborah Gunn
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"What a fun book to read! I am a novice at Spell work, actually never tried it before so I will have to let you know how that all goes, but the book is awesome. Very well written and she had me grinning and thinking about my life and where I want to go, very clever writing, I loved it all the way through. I say keep an open mind, read this book and make it fun. I can't wait for her next one."
Pakrat "Pakrat

Beware! Powerful stuff inside! I know of Tish Owen through a friend of mine and I was able to get an advance copy of this book. Wow. Be prepared for what you're getting into. There are very powerful and highly successful spells in this book. As happens sometimes, there were a few spells that had some hidden surprises in them but that is the nature of casting spells! Tish Owen's voice is very easy to read and companionable. I highly recommend this book to people that are ready to get things going with their spellcraft!
-Karin Dicker

I found Tish Owen's Book "Spell it Correctly" Full of charm, intelligence and not overlooking gaps that can sometimes be forgotten in spells! She covers it all with humor and detail. She even mentions Great reference books as well as covering different items used in spellwork with explanations and helpful hints for each. I would most definitly buy this book all over again only this time I would get a copy for a special friend!
I also had the privildge of meeting Tish at a Booksigning done at StoneKeepers. She was very polite and when I was about to leave she Thanked me and took my hand...I felt a tremendous strength and knowledge within her along with the experience that only comes with life! Meet her if you can!


I needed this book for a project, and was not disappointed. I love the title too! Very catchy.
-J. Townsend

"While I am not a huge fan of spell books in general, this is one that every magical practitioner should own. Written in Tish Owen's practical yet humorous style, it has a little of everything and will be useful to novice, master or adept - a great addition to any magical reference library. Buy it today! You may not need it today or even tomorrow, but trust me, at some point, you'll be glad you have it handy."
-M. A. Bustamonte

I liked the way, she limited her spells to 3 days. and each one, had a special bath etc, ritual. I tried about 4 but I did not get the results I wanted. but its really up to the person, to make I work. but its a good beginning book too, as she explains everything in detail.
-Robin Boyd

This book is awesome. I have been reading it since I received it. It fits in perfectly with all my other witchy books. Alot of great information. Thanks.
Marella J. Troyer

Readers, this book is wonderful! Both insightful and entertaining! Highly recommendable read!
Tish, you have made me smile again and I'm doing my best to listen to what you wrote in it!!! >;-)

I once saw a sign posted outside an encampment at an SCA event that read "Only Pennsic is worth the hassle that only Pennsic is." Here in the Pagan world, the same can be said of almost any gathering or festival put on for the Pagan community. Anyone who has tried to organize such and undertaking knows the difficulty involved, and the tremendous feeling of relief when everything goes right and the event is a success.

Tish Owen's new book, Chasing the Rainbow: Facilitating A Pagan Festival is less a how to book than a conversation on paper in which the author relates through practical, been-there advice what to do and not do when organizing an event. Her experiences as the founder and organizer of one of the midsouth's most popular festivals shines through in this chatty, friendly tome. From what kind of festival you want to have to how many are coming for dinner, this book offers the best sort of advice to put a festival organizer, or anyone who might want to work at a festival, on the right path to creating a fantastic event.

This book should be useful not just for major festival staff, but for anyone putting on a Pagan event of any size. Tish relates not just the lessons she's learned as organizer of Pagan Unity Festival, but as a Coven leader and community organizer for everything from Pagan Pride Days to one day Sabbat celebrations. There are an number of things that can go right and go wrong with an event of any size; this book is great guide to how to make things go as right as possible.

My only complaint with this book is it could have gone into more detail on almost every subject, but at the same time, covering every possible aspect of festival management would require a book probably three or four times the size of this volume. We can only hope that this fine book is the first of many on the subject from this author.

-Michael B. Hubbard

Tish Owen's "Chasing The Rainbow: Facilitating a Pagan Festival" is a must-read for anyone planning a pagan festival or any other similar event. Having attended many pagan festivals all over the country, I must say that the Pagan Unity Festival is, without question, one of the best managed events I've ever attended. The logistics and activities are handled in a smooth and thoroughly professional manner. People know what they can expect and what is expected of them. As a result, they can relax, enjoy themselves and feel safe. When problems have arisen at PUF, they are handled in the same efficent manner with style and grace. In short, Tish Owen has a proven receipe for success outlined in this little tome. I only wish something like "Chasing The Rainbow" had been available in years past.

Chasing The Rainbow should be considered required reading for not only festival organizers, but also for those that attend festivals. Tish Owen's style of writing is easy to read, humorous and to the point. If you're looking to do something altruistic & want to improve the general quality of festivals being held all around the country, buy a truckload of copies of this book and hand them out to every organizer and attendee you know that can read! And her information can be applied to most festivals, not just the pagan-oriented ones. If you take the time to read it, you will have the information that is essential for running your own festival or how to be the perfect participant at anyone else's. Plus, it is an entertaining read, full of amusing stories of actual events. Buy this book, you won't regret it!
M. A. Bustamonte

With over 18 years of experience Ms. Owen has taken all of her knowledge from the good the bad and the ugly and created a phenomenal manual for holding a pagan festival. But this manual can transcend to a higher level and be used by people of all religions and the such to assist in creating a great festival without reinventing the wheel.
-Elizabeth Parrott

Tish Owens has lain out every aspect of putting together a major festival, with humor, style and a touch of chagrin. She admits to 'learning as we grow' tactical errors and shares PUF moments transformed by good will, versatility and laughter. Your own festival is guaranteed not to fail, if you follow her clear-cut guidelines. I and other 'festival folk' thank you profusely, Tish!
-Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson

This book is written by someone I know who really does put on festivals and doesn't aspire just to be a guru on it. She has learned from personal experience and take her words wisely.
-Browne Culberson

Tons of fun! Tish is my hero. This book is filled with a lot of really great ideas and things to think about in a fun way. I've re-read it several times just to laugh at all the fun experiences. Having worked on festival planning staffs, this book should be required reading!
-Debbie Striker
Want to know what magic really is and what makes it work? This is the book for you!
Do you think you have what it takes to run a festival? Read this and you will!